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The Economics Association of Malawi in partnership with several of its corporate members, holds a three-day Annual Economic Conference each November to present papers inline with the conference’s theme.

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7-8 november
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Since 2012, ECAMA has been organising annual conferences targeting high-level representatives from the private and public sector, civil society organisation and development partners. The annual conference aims at encouraging open, proactive debate and policy dialogue on pertinent economic issues in Malawi so as to inform policy formulation and influence the development agenda of the country. The annual conferences have attracted numerous high-level policymakers, including sitting Presidents of Joyce Banda and Peter Mutharika. There is no doubt as to the value of a high-level policy dialogue platform provided by the ECAMA annual conference as the conference communiques are highly regarded in policy circles.

conference presentations

2018 ECAMA Annual Conference Programme
Access and Cost of Finance
Structured Markets in Malawi
Breaking Away: Can ECF Turn Malawi’s Economic Fortune?
Investment Energy Options
SDGs Audit of Malawi’s  National Budget
Capital Market and Long-term Development Financing
National Planning Commission – A Panacea for Growth?
The Pension Act: Rights Of Employees And Obligations Of Employers
Rise of Fintech - Opportunity or Threat
Risk Assessment
Reflections and Thoughts on Development Planning in Malawi
Switching Gears; SSA's Regional Economic Outlook and Malawi
Investment Led Growth; Produce Our Way To Prosperity
The Role of Geography and Institutions in Transformation
Malawi Investment Climate Assessment; A Review of Challenges Face by the Private Sector
Is the Private Sector Still the Engine of Economic Growth
Malawi Growth Development Strategies III Presentations
AfDB's Agenda of Climate Change Adaptation in Africa
Emerging Lessons from Review and Analysis of MGDS II
Vulnerability, Resilience and Social Protection
Malawi Economic Monitor Presentation
Dangerous Divide: The State of Inequality in Malawi
Sustainable Agriculture for a Resilient Malawi: Countering Risk, Seizing Opportunities
Time for Policy Change: Africa's Gloomy Economic Outlook and Implications for Malawi
A Statement by ECAMA's Patron
Economic Costs Of Not Reforming ThePublic Sector: The Case Of Public Fleet Management
Public Sector Reforms and Employee Relations: Is there a Link to Malawi's Economic Underperformance
The Role of Development Partners in Promoting Public Sector Reforms (PSR) to Enhance Productivity of the Economy
The Role of Public Sectorin Achieving Efficiency in the Economy: Fostering Innovative and Accountable Governance For Sustainable Development
The Link Between Public SectorReforms And Private Sector Productivity
Public Sector Reforms In Malawi: How to Support Successful Implementation of the Economic Recovery Plan
A speech by ECAMA President Edward Chilima

conference communiques

2013 ECAMA Conference Communique
2017 ECAMA Conference Communique
ECAMA Action Matrix 2017 Conference
2015 ECAMA Conference Communique
2018 ECAMA Conference Communique